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The City of fast learners

From Business Administration to HR Support, Events Management to Equine Care, Horticultural to Accounting and Finance, Culture Arts and Theatre to Customer Service, apprenticeship schemes at the City of London Corporation cover the widest range of subjects imaginable.

People across our organisation are right behind the schemes and we have many new apprentices joining us at levels two and three every year. These are real jobs with real responsibilities, where you’ll learn invaluable amounts on the job.

And it doesn’t stop there – you’ll receive first-class training and the opportunity to gain qualifications and new skills relevant to your role.

Apprenticeships, at different levels, are also available to you if you’re a current member of staff. These opportunities will enable you to continue to develop your skills and knowledge. Some recent courses include leadership and management, project management, solicitor and accounting.

All of these experiences are deliberately joined up to make sure your apprenticeship is a platform for you to launch – and develop – a great career.