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Further information on the Accessibility Statement for the City of London Jobs Portal is also available.

Features on this website to aid accessibility

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Compatible browser features

  • Visitors can use built-in browser controls such as text re-sizing and user stylesheets to modify the site.
  • Additional FREE software resources users may require to access content are Acrobat and Flash.

Accessibility limitations

External websites

Within the City of London website you will occasionally be asked to interact with content provided by external organisations. For example, the payment facility that’s part of our online shopping process is provided by WorldPay. The City of London cannot be held responsible for the accessibility of external websites. If you experience any accessibility issues whilst you are using an external website as part of your visit to the City of London’s website please let us know so that we can attempt to resolve it.

Additional resources

BBC accessibility information – My Web My Way

Adobe Acrobat information – Adobe access pages​​

You may be not be aware that if you are using a Windows based PC, there are settings that can be adjusted to assist with your use of the site. These can be found in the Control panel under the accessibility options.

  • To access PDF files you will need Acrobat Reader, unfortunately not all of these files are accessible.
  • Due to legal requirements for signatures the PDFs in the licensing section are scanned and not accessible.
  • Not all of the economic research reports are available in an accessible format, they often contain detailed data tables and formatting that make full accessibility difficult. However, should you require these reports or underlying data in an alternative format, then please contact us on 020 7332 3614 or email the Economic Research team.
  • London’s Burning evaluation report: the Audience Agency, November 2016 is not fully accessible.
  • The Equality Impact Assessment report is not fully accessible.
  • The Still & Star Public House ACV submission is not fully accessible.
  • The economic research report Attracting Private Capital for Indian Infrastructure is not fully accessible.
  • Not all of the Crown Timber Consultation downloads on the Environmental Permitting consultations page are accessible as the documents provided were from a third party.
  • PDF maps are images and are not accessible.
  • The Hampstead Heath Ponds Project witness statement PDFs are mainly scanned documents and are not accessible.
  • The Newsroom/Media Centre content is not accessible. If you need content in an alternative format, please contact us on either 020 7606 3030 or by emailing the team.
  • The Deprivation in London PDF (under Periodicals) is not fully accessible.
  • The HECA report is an annual statutory document looking at the energy efficiency of residential dwellings within the boundaries of the City of London year on year and is not fully accessible.
  • The Thresholds of Need PDF is not accessible due to complex tables.
  • Agents Digest quarterly reports are not fully accessible.
  • There is one animation that requires Flash (and is not accessible).
  • The comments, complaints and suggestions PDF form is not accessible.
  • The Cheapside and Guildhall Strategy documents are not currently accessible, please contact the cheapside team for alternative versions.
  • The summary budget books are compiled from multiple documents, including scanned material and are therefore not accessible.
  • The committee reports are not accessible and are hosted on a third party site, please email Lorraine Brook, Committee and Member Services Manager, or 020 7332 1409 for alternative versions.
  • The City of London Noise Strategy 2016 to 2026 PDF is not fully accessible
  • We are working to ensure that PDFs are provided in an accessible format in future, meanwhile please contact us if you are unable to view a specific PDF. You can either use the main contact details at the top of this page, the contact details for the section featuring the PDF (the owners of the content) or choose from our departmental contact list.

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